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About Us | The Super Pizzas


A Dream in the Shape of Pizza

SuperPizza is the fruit of the dream of making pizza a dish of haute cuisine.

An artisan pizza, light, very healthy, with lightly yeasted dough, no rush, for at least 72 hours!
With the best flour in the world to make SuperPizza the best pizza in Porto.
We make each pizza unique, with a lot of love thinking about quality and quality with the freshest ingredients and our long experience making high quality pizzas since 1997. 

We started in Barcelona, Spain, with our first pizzeria in 1997, continuing the project in 2007 with the second Super Pizza.

We study how to make pizza a good experience, like a Gourmet dish to eat with the family. With its healthy nutrients we intend to make what is called pizza in other places different, choosing only the TOP quality. 

Come try the best pizzas in the city of Porto.

The Italian taste of traditional pizzas!

​Contact Us

Rua de Antero de Quental 504,

4200-196 Porto

Tel: +351 910 582 001

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